Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Putting It Out There

I returned yesterday from four days at Easton Mountain, a retreat centre in upstate New York founded and maintained by a community of gay men as a gift to the world. There I attended the Body Electric School’s weekend workshop, “Art and Eros.”

The twenty of us who registered included professional artists, deeply accomplished amateurs, men whose creative life lies outside the visual arts, and men who hadn’t picked up a paint brush or pastel stick since grade school.

The late capitalist notion that everything is commodity has robbed us of our birthright: that we are all creative; that our creativity, as Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, might put it, flows forth from us in the image of the Power that created us. Art doesn’t count because someone else judges its quality. It counts because it puts the shape of our inner lives out there, visible to ourselves and visible to the world, where what we’ve produced can become the Other with which we enter into dialogue–and in so doing, address the work and adventure of repairing our souls. (Shown at left is Andrew Graham's fox avatar.)

And repair our souls we did, as men in a loving if temporary community, losing ourselves in the sheer kindergarten magic of making marks on paper, in high silliness, in tears, in outrageous flirtation, in moments of ecstatic abandon.


  1. David,
    Sounds like a great time. We're coming out this afternoon. I'll give you a call tomorrow. We'll see each other, I'm sure, Sunday. I met Pastor Foster, her wife, and their child on the float from Saint Peter's in the Pride Parade. They seem like good folks.
    The Pride Parade was wonderful.
    More later.

  2. Wow...this is wonderful!! Such beautiful art coming from such a sacred place in the psyche's of all the men there.

  3. Excited to click on the Easton link and find the blog written by you. Takes me back to our fist meeting years ago via B.E. and causes celebration as to where you are today. Good work and looking to hearing more.