Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Big You: Some Wisdom from Richard Rohr

As Lent looms with a whole range of narrow and potentially toxic associations, here is Franciscan Richard Rohr on another way of framing the practice of self-examination:

“Grace and mercy teach us that we are all much larger than the good or bad stories we tell about ourselves or about one another. Please don’t get caught in your small stories; they are usually less than half true, and therefore not really ‘true’ at all. They’re usually based on hurts and unconscious agendas that allow us to see and judge things in a very selectrive way. They’re not the whole You, not the Great You, not the Great River. Therefore it is not where your big life can really happen. No wonder the Spirit is described as ‘flowing like water’ and ‘a spring inside you’... or, at the end of the Bible, as a ‘river of life’.... Strangely, your real life is not about ‘you.’ It is a part of a much larger stream called God.
--from Richard Rohr’s meditation for February 4


  1. love Richard Rohr - and you, David!! thanks

  2. love Richard Rohr - and you, David!! thanks